Fotis is a graduate of the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts from the Technological Institute
of Athens. He received a scholarship from the Greek State Scholarship Foundation during his studies at the
University of Edinburgh where he completed the Master of Fine Arts program. He continued his postgraduate
studies at the Department of Museology and Art History of the University of Ioannina. Since 2004 he works in
photography with his area of expertise being art photography and architectural photography as well as
photography direction in short film productions. Since 2013 he has begun studying the RA/FSA/OWI archive
from the 1930s and 1940s, and its various uses up to the present. His work has been exhibited in photography
and cinematography festivals and shows in Greece and abroad.

2015 - Master of Art (MA) Art History and Museum Studies - University of Ioannina
2011 - Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Art practice (photography) - University of Edinburgh
2009 - Bachelor (BA) Photography and Audiovisual Media - School of Graphic Arts and Fine Art Studies T.E.I. of Athens
2006 - Diploma in Journalism

2010 - State Scholarship Foundation

2014 - Cinematography award - Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival - short film Elephantas

2016 - Sites of Memory. Hellenic Centre for Photography, ed. Pinelopi Petsini.
2015 - Domes (ΔΟΜΕΣ) 03/15. Infrastructures.
2015 - Greek Photography and Photography in Greece. Collective work (ed. Iraklis Papaioannou). Nefeli Publications.
2011 - Global Landscapes. Collective work. Aigokeros publications & University of Western Macedonia.
2007 - Public Screen. Collective work. Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art.

2015 - International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA) annual conference - Tinos
2014 - 13th conference of History of Photography in Greece - Kythera Photographic Encounters

2016 - Athens Photo Festival 2016 - Benaki Museum - Sites Of Memory
2016 - 12th Athens Digital Arts Festival - Digital Pop
2015 - Naoussa International Film Festival [Digital Shorts]
2015 - 8th Biennale of Young Greek Architects - Benaki Museum
2015 - Royal Geographical Society London - Atkins CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year (EPOTY 2015 shortlist)
2015 - Athens Photo Festival 2015 - Benaki Museum - Photobook Exhibition
2014 - Visual March to Prespes 2007-2014 - Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art
2014 - Athens International Film Festival
2014 - Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival
2013 - 3rd Athens Digital Film Festival
2013 - 19th Athens International Film Festival
2013 - 8th Cyprus International Film Festival
2013 - Myanmar Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival
2011 - ELEVEN. Group show - Edinburgh College of Art
2010 - Urban Structures. Group show - Kythera Photographic Encounters
2010 - 11 VIEWS. Group show - Art’s complex gallery - Edinburgh
2010 - LOUPED. Group show - Τent gallery - Edinburgh
2008 - NEW LIFE BERLIN. Group show - Berlin
2008 - Young Photographers 2008. Group show - Kythera Photographic Encounters
2007 - Public Screen. Group show - Thessaloniki Biennale
2007 - Cannes Festival. Non-competitive category.
2003 - ASPRO gallery. Group show - ASPRO gallery - Athens

2016 - Twixt lab, “Μαθαίνοντας από την Documenta”. Athens.
2009 - Visual March to Prespes workshop - Department of Arts &Applied Arts - University of Western Macedonia
2006 - NISI MASA workshop. Paris.

I've been practicing photography and cinematography since 2004, with a particular
focus on the representations of urban and industrial environments, certain aspects
of devolution/deindustrialization and the layering of past, present and future
Since 2013 I'm researching museum culture(s) and the ways visual materials are
utilized in the narrative tropes of museological exhibitions.

I'm always eager for collaborations in either long term or short term projects.